Sunday, 14 January 2018

Team Yankee - How Cheating can Beat the Russian Horde

On Saturday James MacMillan and me were invited down to Dave Docherty's for a 1st play of Team Yankee in 6mm. Dave has a great wargames room. James and me were the Brits and Dave the Russians. 1st time Dave's Russians had fought in 29 years, and the 1st time my army had had an outing.

The battle field. Russians at the top under command of comrade Dave. The battle is for control of the road junction in the centre

My command, infantry platoon, couple of light tank troops and a chieftan troop, plus other bits

James in the woods has the rest of the tank squadron, couple of infantry platoons and some other troops

Dave has tonnes of stuff and gets 1st go

Dave has rushed to capture the junction and is advancing across the board. I have deployed my Strikers and infantry to hold the line.I have a milan section and hoping to bugger him up with them

Dave's advance is costly, James' Chieftans. my Strikers and Chieftans have started to brew him up

Hinds fly about menacingly covering his advance - tough tokill but not that effective. They do look very cool though

He he comes. My flank is very weak

Call for a fast air attack which Dave turns into confetti

Dave's tank regiment facing James has been destroyed

More Hinds and tanks facing me. I have to withdraw behind smoke.I have called for reinforcements in the form of infantry platoon and will hold the wall

Looming large i would have retreated if this had been a campaign battle. Instead I cheated and brought on another full tank squadron

This killed him everywhere'

It's a great fast play set of rules and we are thinking about a short campaign. James has been shopping for West Germans and Dave has some Amricans. Ideal for a full Club battle.

We then played 3 games of Wings of Glory, really love it. Fun, easy, hard and very very dynamic

My new MK1 Spitfire

The game on Dave's cool mat

Me taking out a Stuka

Great day.

Finally the AHPC VIII catch up

6mm tanks - Heroics and Ros

Swingfires and and Abbott

Armoured Infantry Platoon

Numidian Elephant - warlord plus bits box

WW2 Naval section - Warlord

German paratroops disguised as nuns - Warlord

PC - looks like Davros. Warlord

US Marines - Cuban war - Northstar

A fun week

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Belated happy New Year and Challenge update

When the Challenge is on it's a strange time for the blog as I usually just end up posting the same images twice.
I've started slowly but have started to pick up speed (next post will double my points score)

I've been painting Bolsheviks, as have a few more to do. These are Copplestone and some of the casting was a bit ropey, which is a shame as the figures are really nice

I was part of the Secret Santa this year, run by Roy Williamson, and got a great gift from Bad Squiddo

I've also picked up some Operation Sealion figs from Northstar

Finally over Christmas the Old Guard met and played WW1 Wings of Glory. It was a great laugh and we all loved it. So we all went off and bought some WW2 stuff - it's stupidly expensive. I bought a Mk1 Spitfire from Germany via Amazon - no sense of irony there.
Back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks on holiday or in my sick bed.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Santa Has Been

Santa has been really generous this year

Normas -Black Tree Designs - mainly

Norman Knights - 2nd hand from Battleground

More Normans

Numidian Cavalry

Bolshevik Tachanka


My secret Santa gave be a female VBCW medical section and a female section armed with shotguns. There are excellent figures, many thanks to you